Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, Normandie 2014

With all 10 loads of our hire equipment safely returned to our Nottingham depot we can now proudly look back on a job well done at the WEG.

Where our journey to the Games began…

Woodhouse began planning for the 2014 World Equestrian Games in Caen, Normandy, back in January 2013.
In October 2013 we successfully tendered for the temporary stabling facilities at the main venue, Stade D’Ornano in central Caen. Timescales leading up to the event were tight, even though the event itself has been in the planning for over 4 years, as the D’Ornano stabling venue was only released to the organisers for the Test Event in June.

Indeed the Test Event was a valuable opportunity to plan the site logistics, the entry and exit routes, the veterinary arrival inspections and, most importantly to Woodhouse, to mark out and begin the erection of the first 200 Greenwich Barn Stables in very close proximity to ensure we could add on the remaining 130 come August in time for the main event. Gladly the Test Event was completed successfully and largely in the blaze of sunshine (and we all know that the weather in Western France is fickle and akin to our own South coast summers!).

barn stables

(Woodhouse Temporary Stables)

Arriving in Normandie to erect 385 equestrian units…

August quickly rolled round and the Woodhouse teams arrived once more to complete erecting the Greenwich Barn Stables, shower units, arrival inspection stables, isolation stables, the doping stables and the vetting stables – all in all some 385 units. From this D’Ornano stabling metropolis the Woodhouse Temporary Stables served the 3 Olympic disciplines of Dressage, Eventing and Showjumping providing them with 3x4m hard-wall stables separated by a wide 4m aisle and optional anti-weave or full grills as well as optional stallion boards to prevent horse to neighbouring horse contact.

Woodhouse used the same barn stables as they did in the London 2012 Olympic Games

For many of the competitors, grooms and horses this was a return to the same barn stabling facilities they had christened at the London 2012 Olympics in Greenwich Park London. Once again the barn stable format proved its worth in both hot and wet weather where the benefits of the dry, enclosed, well ventilated and naturally lit stables welcomed and relaxed the horses after their long journeys. Equally their grooms settled into their work protected from the vagaries of the elements and confident that their precious horses were stabled in the safest temporary stables available. Indeed many stories were swapped by grooms, riders and support teams with stable neighbours from nations who don’t often get to cross paths other than at the 4 yearly WEG’s.

Barn Stables

(Barn Stables)

Practically speaking the biosecurity of the barn stables was achieved by washing all the sections with Virkon ahead of shipping to France and all the veterinary, doping and isolation stables were newly manufactured to ensure their cleanliness. In all these stables, Woodhouse used hard-wall partitions. We prefer hard-wall partitions as they ensure that the structure does not move under the force of the horse and they are easier to keep sanitised. For our hard-wall partitions we use double walled hdme recycled plastic panels which do not shard on kick-out impact nor can the kick-out to one side of the partition affect the horse in the neighbouring stable.


A successful, incident free competition for Woodhouse and all involved

Given the high value, both monetary and in companionship, of each and every horse stabled at D’Ornano, Woodhouse ensured they had the best and safest temporary stabling facilities available in Europe today. After 10 days of competition and with over 1000 horses passing through our barn stable doors the equine managers Karsten and Charles reported to us that they had an incident free event. They told us and our onsite support teams that this was due to the well designed, high quality manufacture and thoughtful installation and the in event support by the Woodhouse team and that they hoped to be able to work with us again at the next major event they officiated at.