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Woodhouse 1990 to 1999

1990 Devon County Show Main Arena

Woodhouses 1990-1999: Passing the baton. The early 1990s eased out of recession and once again entrepreneurialism grabbed hold and the small business sector led the nationwide recovery. Woodhouses celebrated the improving business outlook and in 1992 supplied their best temporary stables to the Barcelona Olympic Games.  In the same season, Woodhouses bought their first aluminium… Read more »

Woodhouses 1980 to 1989

1982 HRH Prince Philip visits the stabling yard at HOYS Wembley

Woodhouses 1980 to 1989: The Thatcher Years The 1980’s witnessed a revival in confidence across the UK as runaway inflation slowed and an era of lower taxation and reduced government control of industry and services was introduced by the Thatcher administration. In this more entrepreneurial business environment, innovative minds developed new products and services which… Read more »

Woodhouses 1970 to 1979

1974 Covered Grandstand Badminton Horse Trials

Woodhouses 1970 to 1979: The Inflation Years The 1970’s in the UK were turbulent years characterised by petrol shocks, accelerated industrial change, government change and financial bailouts which collectively led to labour unrest, high unemployment and runaway inflation.  The post WWII expansion finished abruptly as manufacturing costs escalated, product quality plummeted and imports threatened the… Read more »

Woodhouses 1960 to 1969

1965 Grandstand Liverpool Tatoo

Woodhouses 1960-1969: The Growth Years Entering the 1960’s, the rebuilding of the Iremonger Road facilities was complete and, with an unrestricted availability of timber, Woodhouse continued to develop their temporary structures. They rolled-out their innovative 30ft & 40ft Shedding structures used for members pavilions at agricultural shows the length and breadth of the country. These… Read more »

Woodhouses 1950 to 1959

Woodhouses 1950-1959: The Growth Years The 1950s ushered in frenetic change across the UK; from growing car ownership to home appliance automation, from telephone communications to fashions in clothing & hairstyles and above all how the public spent their leisure time. For Woodhouses it was a time that saw them achieve major growth and development… Read more »