Spick and Clearspan!

In our first Repair & Maintenance blog we discussed the extensive checks we do for our range of temporary stables to ensure they are fit for purpose for our clients’ events.

Well it’s’ no surprise that our Clearspan PVC covers go through the same vigorous MOT checks and grading process throughout the winter months in our PVC workshop.

You wouldn’t believe the volume of Clearspan roof and wall covers we use on our trade stands, grandstands and our temporary stables. All which need a robust repair and maintenance programme to ensure that they are of good quality and in working condition. Our PVC workshop based in Cotgrave, Nottinghamshire houses a giant 7.4 metre Havencrown flat washer which washes and dries the covers for 8 hours a day 5 days a week using our own sustainably harvested rainwater. Starting with our Woodhouse trade stands there’s some 30,000 sq metres of PVC roof and walls to “Primp & Preen” to ensure our traders and exhibitors have the perfect space to display their products and services public. Add in our famous barn stables and we have another 12,675 square metres of white PVC roof covers and this doesn’t count the hectares of green PVC covering our traditional timber temporary stables. After their “Wash & Blow dry” the PVC covers are graded and checked for tears and pin holes (our guys have a keen eye at spotting these) which are fixed there and then using hot air welders or sewing machine. If any covers are beyond repair these are then sustainably recycled into smaller covers, gables and kit bags and new replacement covers are sourced for the coming season.

What does the most damage: the high wind which cause the tears, the repetitive installing and folding which cause the keder damage and slow permeation of water into the PVC layers,  the airborne grime and the dirt from the ground also contributes to the gradual deterioration. PVC covers when handled respectfully and cleaned regularly will have a life of 5 to 7 years across a range of uses; hospitality, trade stands, warehouses, temporary stables etc. This consistent attention to our PVC covers is essential to ensuring that they comply with all current MUTA safety recommendations and UK standards while looking smart and upholding the exacting Woodhouse reputation.

After the covers have been washed, dried and repaired they are then carefully stored away ready to cover our trade stands, grandstands and  temporary stables for the new season.

Click on the below image of our giant 7.4 Metre Havencrown flat washer to see it in action washing a PVC cover.


Our giant 7.4 Metre Havencrown flat washer.